A survey of chart plotting possibilities for the precocious programmer using IOS

Compound Chart

Compound Chart

Adding charts to an iOS application leads one to a review of the currently available charting libraries for Objective-C/Cocoa.  Here is a quite likely, non-exhaustive list I’ve come up with to-date:

Native Open-Source iOS Charting Libraries

  • Core Plot  – the most comprehensive and popular(?) of the freely available charts. Too complicated for my application requirements, but looks well done with many chart styles – some complaints about speed or rendering
  • iOSPlot  – Simple and eye-pleasing multi-line and pie charts. I wasn’t able to get the graph to normalize the range of data, so my outlying data points wouldn’t appear on the graph at all. This may be just my incompetence.
  • PowerPlot (dual licensed) – Other than Core Plot, this one appears the most ‘serious’ in terms of rigorous handling of the data, accurate graphs, technical graphs, etc. I wanted something simpler and quicker to implement.
  • iVisualization – This seems to not be under active development and only supports pie charts at the moment.
JavaScript iOS Charting Libraries/API (to be implemented using UIWebView)


  • Google Chart – Unfortunately the Image Chart service (load a URL, get a completed chart PNG image back) is being deprecated by Google in 2015, so implementation on IOS without this will require using their Javascript API to configure and load charts using a UIWebView instead of just a URL call.
  • JQuery Flot Touch  – Not a native iOS application, but an interesting approach using web based plotting. This looked promising and I would prefer to use web-standard coding as the code could be used later on web devices (and when/if native mobile phone applications get built in HTML5 rather than Objective-C/Java/C#).  This also supports scrolling the chart, however the transitions were not really slick enough.

Commercial Libraries – too expensive for a freelance iphone application developer!

Finally, see this discusson about the possibilities: 


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